Having known Bob and Tammy Trudnak for years, we are very familiar with the amazing barbeque they create effortlessly. From using the best ingredients and amazing spices and truly having a talent for making food that melts in your mouth, they never fail to deliver a quality product. We hired them to cater our daughter Rachel’s High School Graduation Party last summer. They funniest thing is, Rachel is a vegetarian! But having sampled the Trudnak’s food for years before becoming a vegetarian, Rachel insisted on their slow cooked pulled pork sandwiches for her guests. Even though she would not be partaking, she knew that her guests would be blown away. And they were!
Scott and Tish Grande – Lansdale, PA
Bob makes the best barbeque I have ever eaten– and it’s not even close. He knows exactly what temperature to cook certain meats and knows the precise rubs to apply on them, as well. He is very meticulous and takes a lot of pride in his cooking. Once you taste anything this man cooks, you’ll be able to tell that he doesn’t cut corners and uses only the best ingredients. Bob and Tammy are both very nice, down to earth people and extremely easy to communicate with. Great barbeque and great people– a win/win combination in my book.
John Trippetti- Lansdale, PA
Bob’s BBQ is in its own category. It’s good old BBQ, but with the attention and precision you expect from a world class chef. He’s got it down to a science, and everything is tweaked to be as tasty as possible! Best damn pulled pork sandwich I’ve ever eaten.
Ryan Reed – Philadelphia, PA
As the saying goes, “You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” I had been spoiled for years with the luxury of tasting BBQ Bob’s competition quality meats on a regular basis. No longer the dilettante of the backyard BBQ, I developed a discerning taste for fine meats – chicken, brisket, ribs, sausage – but in particular pulled pork. As a college freshman, the transition to cafeteria food leaves much to be desired, especially when it comes to barbecue. Every night that any barbecued meat, produced for the masses, is served here at school, I yearn for the days when I carelessly ate BBQ Bob’s delectable food at my graduation party and other neighborhood events. When I come home from school, I only crave two things: A real Philly cheesesteak and a BBQ Bob pulled pork sandwich. The pulled pork sandwich made by Bob Trudnak is, undeniably, the best pork sandwich I have ever had the privilege to enjoy. For me, that sandwich has single-handedly ruined every other pulled pork sandwich known to man. And I cannot thank BBQ Bob enough for putting me in that predicament. I feel fortunate to know what real, quality BBQ tastes like, and I feel sorry for those who can only pretend to know the bliss that can be barbecued meats. If you have the opportunity to try any of BBQ Bob’s selections, you positively must – you will never have anything else like it.
Kevin Cannon – State College Pennsylvania
Best BBQ in PA according to Thrillist!

The deal: So here’s the thing about BBQ Bob’s. It isn’t a restaurant, per se. But we’re breaking the rules here because — in our journeys through Pennsylvania — by far the best barbecue in the state happens to be coming out of a small catering business north of Philadelphia run by Bob Trudnak, who goes by the name BBQ Guru on the competition circuit.

Bob got a little press when his ribs won the World Food Championships in Vegas, but the fact that this man is still just slinging barbecue at office buildings and birthday parties around Montgomery County is a damn shame. Open a restaurant, Bob! Pennsylvania demands it.

The move: Both the St. Louis-style ribs and the pulled pork are must-orders, as are the ABTs, which stand for Atomic Buffalo Turds and actually consist of jalapeño peppers stuffed with cream cheese and pulled pork and wrapped in bacon. Life-changing. OPEN A RESTAURANT ALREADY.